How to go to college as an adult

How to go to college as an adult is a question that a lot of us adults have some time or another during our life’s. I would say that I would be a good candidate to talk about this subject because I have been in college for about six things so far.In fact, I have went to college for dental assistance, certified nurse aid, business management I actually went to school too times for this,Carpentry, and I am presently in college for business management and web design this time.

So, you are probably saying this is all good but what does this have to do with me. Well, I am going to break down the steps that I took in order to go to college.

The first step that I did was that I went to the college that was close by my house and asked if they offered web design;although, you could always ask for whatever degree that you are interested in.While you are at the college you also need to ask about any grants or scholarships that the college may offer and make sure that you get the school FASFA code;although, if you forget you can always type in the school code at  Free Application for Federal Student Aid.By filling this application out you will be able to find out how much you will qualify for and what you qualify for.

The second step is to either go to the college or go to the college website and enroll in the classes that you wish to take.I suggest that before you do this you should figure out what you really like to do.For instance, before I stated taking web design I started blogging for about a year off and on.Then I realized that I really enjoyed blogging so I went to the college counselor office to see what they provided and I was able to find this web design class which I really like and I am almost done with it. I am planing on taking desktop publishing and graphic design starting in January.

Sometimes you might not really know what you want to take until you actually talk to the school counselors.For instance, I was planning on taking something in the legal field until I talked to the school counselor and I told her that I like to blog a lot in my spare time;which, in return she told me about the web design program which I have been doing really good in.If I had to near this down to one important advice I would advice you to talk to and learn as much as possible about the subject that you want to take;in order, to make sure that it is what you really want to do when you finish your education.

In conclusion, these are the steps that I took in order to in role in the Kiamichi Technology Center in order to start my Web Design class. If you are interested in returning back to college and would just like to ask me any questions about it you can always send me a message and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Attitude, how is yours?

Attitude,how is yours? Here, lately this question has been popping everywhere that I go.This subject has popped up three times since yesterday afternoon when my counselor brought the subject up in my counselling session, then in my job preparedness class, finally I am reading a book called Bounce Don’t Break by Penny L Hunt. I am going to explain why  and how we should have a good attitude.What the benefits are of having a good attitude. In addition, I am going to also give my review on the book Bounce Don’t Break by Penny L Hunt.

Why  and how we should have a good attitude is very simple? The  reasons way  we should have a good attitude is so that we are pleasing God  first;in addition,  we are also pleasing others that  are around us.Having a good attitude will also help us to be able to go further in life then not having one will.Everyday we are being judged by our attitudes and how good or not so good we act.

What the benefits are of having a good  christian attitude? The benefits of having a good  christian attitude are that you will want to be more Christ like. You will also be able to attract more christian friends.You will want to help more people and share your christian beliefs with more people.

 In my opinion Bounce Don’t Break by Penny L Hunt was a very good book to read because it was such an emotional thoughtful book that talked about different situations of her life and how she handled  different situations before she accepted the Lord; also, it talks about how the Lord changed her life after she accepted the Lord.This book was very beneficial to me with the situations that I have been going through lately; in fact, I believe this book would be beneficial to any situation that anybody is going through at any point in their lives.We are all going to have problems and heartbreaks sometime during our life but it is the way that we handle the situation that makes all the difference in the world.

If we handle a problem or a heartbreak in a negative way we are only going to receive negative back,if, we handle a negative with a positive then the situation might still be negative but we will feel proud about how we handled the situation and chances are that we made them better then what they were at the beginning.One,situation that we are going to  face in order to succeed in life is to have the desire to seek positive solutions to hard problems that we endure during our life time.

In conclusion, I could write so much more about Bounce, Don’t Break – Stories, reflections, and words of encouragement during times of change but their is only one word that sums up this book and that is “Amazing“.

My Blogging Hobby Helped Self Esteem

My Blogging hobby helped my self esteem.My whole life I have been struggling with my self esteem; in fact, I actually started blogging because my counselors learned that I really liked to write;so, they motivated me at first to keep an online diary.Once I started keeping and online diary I noticed that their was a lot of people that was blogging, so I decided that I would try it and after the first few times I was hooked on it.feeling-good-about-yourselve

The good thing about having a hobby it can almost be anything that you love to do or collect;in addition it does not have to cost you much to do depending on what your hobby is. For instance, I knew a few kids that liked to collect coins and baseball cards that went to the same school as I did when I was growing up.

In my early twenties I used to collect porcelain dolls; in fact, I had around a hundred dolls that I had received from different places which I decorated my front room with.I really loved these dolls because they were so pretty and I liked showing them off to my family and friends; which helped me with my self esteem to be able to grow.In fact, this was a very fun hobby to do but it did become to expensive and took to much room up to do.success

Another, hobby that I was doing before I started blogging was making crafts to sell and give away to my friends.I really enjoy making different kinds of crafts but my favorite is making wreathes.Do you have a favorite kind of craft that you like to do;if,so what is it? This hobby actually helped me to save a lot of money two years ago because I decorated my wedding in wreaths that I had made which I thought it looked really pretty.

I used to also like to write poems and songs; especially,after my mom died when I was a teenager even though now I don’t think that they were that good. But they did serve a point which was to help me get my emotions out about my mother death.In fact I have always had a problem with expressing my emotions to my family and friends but for some reason I have never had a problem with people that I am not close to reading what I write.
In conclusion, I hope inspired someone to hopefully become more motivated to starting some kind of hobby that they would find enjoyment in. I believe the whole reason to have a hobby in the first place is to find enjoyment in doing something that you really like to do.

Five Tips to help me stay motivated even in darkness

Five tips that helps me stay motivated even in darkness I am talking about is when your world is turned upside down and everything seems gloomy and depressing.Well, that is how I feel a lot of the times and I know a lot of my friends experience this from time to time. The reason I am able to stay motivated is because I follow a few simple rules that anyone could easy follow.

First simple rule that I try to keep is a schedule now I know this might not work for everybody but if you are able to keep a schedule this will help do wonders for your motivation.Up until August when I started college for Web Design and Business Administration I was not keeping a schedule; since, then by keeping a scheduler/calendar to write all of my assignments down that I am able to get more things done that I need done; also, I am able to stay motivated to get the things done that I need to be able to get done.

Second rule is that I always try to find something to do every day that I really like to do;either,reading,drawing,blogging, learning to make websites, surfing the internet, etc.I might only get to do only thirty minutes of this but during those thirty minutes I try to block everything bad thought out of my head and only think positive thoughts. Sometimes this is really hard to do when you are going through a bad time in life; although, if you are able to do this it will make your life so much better.Plus, by doing this you are actually giving your mind time to relax; so, that you are in better mentality to be able to deal with the problems that you are facing.

Third rule is that I try to get some kind of exercise at least three times a week this is actually really good for you because when we exercise are bodies are releasing a chemical called endorphin’s; which, interact with the receptors in our brains that reduces are perception of pain. Not only that but when I exercise I feel proud afterwards that I actually did go and do some kind of physical activity.Plus,by exercising it helps me to stay motivated.

Forth, is that I like to get out and some kind of activity; either, it be a fund raiser, going to a flea market, taking a class, going to church these are just a few that I have named off but there are many many more activities to do.At the present time I am in college for business management and web design;in addition, I am also in Business Professional of America in my college class.But of course if you just get out and look you will find all types of different programs to get in.Another, place that you will find different activities to keep you motivated is by joining a church because most churches have lots of activities that you can become involve with.maxresdefault

Fifth and finial way to become motivated is by volunteering your time to a local charity.For instance, most towns and cities have at least a few charities; such as, big brother big sister,Salvation Army, Christian in Actions,Toys for Tots,etc.Not only will someone else receive a blessing but you also will receive a blessing by feeling good for what you are doing.

In conclusion, the five ways that you can stay motivated even when when you do not feel like staying motivated.The most important rule for staying motivated; especially, for me is just getting out there and doing something.Because it seems even when I don’t want to do something if I just get out and do something I become more motivated to do other things.

My First State BPA Meeting

         My first state BPA (Business Professional of America) meeting was yesterday in Norman Oklahoma.I really had a great time and it was very inspirational and motivational. My fellow BPA  members and I left yesterday morning at about 5 a.m. headed towards Norman, Oklahoma.

        Once we got there and the BPA seminar began we first all  went into the main auditorium where we listed to Patty Hendricks.In my opinion Patty Hendricks was very motivational and the one subject that I liked that she talked about was to always smile at other people and take time to socialize with others this is very hard for me to do in my life because I am kind of a shy person;which, I am working on to overcome.

        She also talked about no matter how hard things become to always keep working until you reach your goals. She  was very inspirational to me and probably the right thing that I needed to hear at this time in my life. In addition, another reason that I liked her so much is because she is a great motivational speaker and I want to be an motivational blogger to encourage my readers to be the best that they can be and to never give up no matter has happened or is happening in your life.

                                BPA Meeting group Picture

This is a picture that we took after the meeting was over you can tell that I was really tired in this picture.I am the one in the back  in the middle with glasses on.

            After, we listened to Patty Hendricks then we  had a lot of different programs  to go to.The first program we had to go to was a requirement but the two other ones we got to choose which I really liked.Since, I  and another young lady have the role of reporter/historian we decided that she would go to one and I would go the other.I choose to go to the reporter since I love to write about different things and well that is also what a reporter also does.

        The reporter class had a lot of good information that I can not only use in BPA but also in my blog.One subject that was talked about a lot was to keep my facts and information right;in addition, I also learned that I need to find a way to remember the people that I talk to by name;which, I have a really bad problem with that.Does anyone else have  this problem;if , so does anyone have any suggestions that might help me to remember names better?

         In conclusion, I believe what I learned the most was that we should all try to find ways to be nicer to fellow citizens;also,  never give up on are dreams. Are we going to have set backs? The answer to that problem is real simple to answer;”Yes, we are always going to have set backs on anything that we do but what makes us different from not achieving are goals and dreams!”Is that even when we get turned down and  have set backs we still need to pick ourselves up and try,try,try again until we get it right.


I have decided  to start a new blog from scratch and this is my first blog post on this site. This site will be a lot like my last one just hopefully better.In this site I want to encourage more people to just get out and do life.I was and still am a lot like most people we just get stuck in our daily humdrum life everyday and dont stop to think what can I do to help make someone else life better; or, my life better so we just mop around doing the same old thing everyday.

Well, in my blog I am going to encourage my readers to look for something positive that they did and to share it with everyone on my blog. Oh, by the way I love to read comments that my readers leave. And remember no matter how bad it seems that it will always get better in the end.This blog is going to be a little bit about everything and a lot about nothing in particular.Like I have mentioned before I am a Vo tech student that is going to school to get a technical certificate in business administrations and web design; so, I will also be making a lot of designs and posting them on my blog I would appreciate comments back if possible about what you think about them.

Finally, before I go I want to wish everyone a happy weekend and I hope everyone is safe and doing well.I will also be offering services in web design so if you are interested just send me and email link to