I have decided  to start a new blog from scratch and this is my first blog post on this site. This site will be a lot like my last one just hopefully better.In this site I want to encourage more people to just get out and do life.I was and still am a lot like most people we just get stuck in our daily humdrum life everyday and dont stop to think what can I do to help make someone else life better; or, my life better so we just mop around doing the same old thing everyday.

Well, in my blog I am going to encourage my readers to look for something positive that they did and to share it with everyone on my blog. Oh, by the way I love to read comments that my readers leave. And remember no matter how bad it seems that it will always get better in the end.This blog is going to be a little bit about everything and a lot about nothing in particular.Like I have mentioned before I am a Vo tech student that is going to school to get a technical certificate in business administrations and web design; so, I will also be making a lot of designs and posting them on my blog I would appreciate comments back if possible about what you think about them.

Finally, before I go I want to wish everyone a happy weekend and I hope everyone is safe and doing well.I will also be offering services in web design so if you are interested just send me and email link to brandy120405@yahoomail.com