Earning College Money

Earning college money. What are your thoughts when you thing about earning money as a college student?What kind of jobs are good for college students?What kind of jobs do most students work while in college?Which, one is better full-time or part-time.

Now, days college students can hold down every kind of job imaginable.The main reason for this is because no other time in history has going to college been so attainable.Not only do most colleges offer you a variety of times and days and even some colleges offer you night classes that you can take. Majority of the colleges also offer online classes that you can take by either going to college classroom all of the time,half online and half in the class room;or, all online.In fact, I took all of these different ways that you can go to class; in my opinion, I actually found all the different ways of taking classes beneficial depending on what subject I was trying to learn at the time.There are a few classes that I would try to avoid learning online;such as,foreign languages,math,science,
basically any class that I thought might be hard to learn online.
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College Student Check List

Non-Traditional Students
Non-Traditional Students

Five things that every student should do before first day of college

College student check list that all students should follow.This checklist includes five things that every student should do before first day of college;which,are to get a copy of your schedule,student identification, parking pass,locate your classrooms, finally school supplies.

I first began with letting you know that I have been going to a school for awhile and during this time I have learned that if I just do a few things to get prepared for my first day of college;which, are very simple to do then it seem to make everything else go a lot smoother. If you use this advice it will also make your first day go smoother; also!!
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Blogging Goals Learned

WordPress image
WordPress Image

Blogging goals that I have learned from!! The original blog ideal originally came to in me in a blog post that I first wrote called,“Are You Growing?” when I first started writing. In that post I was bragging about what I wanted to do;instead, of thinking about what I should be doing for my readers.Since,I have learned that blogging is not about myself;instead, it is about my readers and the needs that they are looking for answers.

One important lesson that I learned is that in order to be a good blogger you first need to be a good listener to your blogging followers;so, that you will know what problems that our going through.By doing this I am able to go and find solutions to the problems that my readers and I are having.
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Twitter For Blogging

Twitter for blogging.The reason that Twitter is important for blogging is because you are able to conect to other bloggers,get people to follow your blog,and getting companies to hopefully notice your blog and in this post I will be answering all of these questions.

1. Read and study everything that you can find about learning how to grow Twitter.
Over the last few weeks I have read any and everything that I could about growing my Twitter account in order to learn how to grow Twitter.Makes sense don’t it because I was probably like a lot of y’all out there and before I started blogging I was just using Twitter ever now and then.In fact, sometimes I would not get on Twitter for months even after I started blogging I still did not use it much until I realized that it is actually a great way to get your blog noticed.
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Less Stressful Moving Day

Less stressful moving day.This is what we are all hoping for when it comes time to move.Over the years of moving I have learned how to move with less stress and you can to;if, you follow these few simple steps that I will be explaining below.

One of the ways that I make moving easier is by getting boxes ahead of time and flatting them out until I am ready to start moving then all I have to do is tape the bottoms of the boxes and start packing.By doing it this way it saves space until you are ready to use the boxes. Also, you are not running around looking for boxes when it gets time to move; which, if you are like me you will hate doing because it always seems like when I start looking for boxes when I am ready to move that is when I can never find boxes.

Preparing for moving
Preparing for moving

I also save time and stress by packing everything in the bathroom except the things that I know that I might need first.The reason that I pack the bathroom first is because for me the bathroom is one of the easiest and simplist rooms to pack. And I also like the fact that by having one room done it makes me feel like I have accomplished something already. But I do keep a few things out such as a couple of rolls of toilet paper, soap and shampoo but the rest I normally pack a day or two ahead of time.That way on moving day all I have to do is pick up the box and move.

Boxed up food for move
Boxed up food

One way to save time is to pack as many clothes that you can a week or two ahead.Because if you are like most people you probably have a lot clothes and some you are probably not even wearing at the present time depending on what time of year it is.For instance,when moving I always try to pack my jackets and sweeters5th; if, the weather permits and in Oklahoma you can normally guess what kind of weather we are going to have depending on the time of year.
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Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement

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Songs That Impacted My Life

Songs that impacted my life.Here lately I have been seeing a lot of posts about music and I thought that this would be one that I would love to write. So, I have but together a few songs that have really touched me in my life and the reasons that these songs have touched me more then other songs.

This song has probably had the most affect on my life because on my twenty-first birthday me and my first husband my true love and his parents went out to a club to celebrate my birthday; which, happened that this club was having karaoke night, so although I was scared he talked me into getting up front with him and singing this song. Only a short few years later he would commit suicide.

The reason I choose this as the second most important song in my life is because this song reminds me of so many women in my life including myself.In addition, this song also reminds me of my mom; although, I did not loose my mom from domestic violence. I do know that my mom and dad relationship did have a lot of violence in it;although, in the eighties domestic violence was not really noticed as much I guess.Another, reason that this song hit home to me is because my mother got hit by a car while she was walking on independence night; although, she did not die that night but I did loose her a month later due to the accident.My mom was one of the bravest women that I ever known in my life because she was brave enough to leave my dad and make it on her own with a little help from her family.Most women are not that brave to leave and try to make it on their own; especially, not in that time period.

This is another song that really touched me that I started listening to right after I broke up with one of my long term boyfriends after he cheated on me.My ex and I had been living together almost eight years when he decided that he wanted to cheat on me. I guess he thought that I would not find out;or, he did not know that I would find out as soon as I did;or, maybe he thought that I would but up with it but for what ever reason he did what he did.After he cheated I became very sad and depressed and this song helped me through the depression that I was going through.Back then I had a hard time talking to people about my problems when I was depressed;in addition, I have always found it easier to deal with my problems by listening to music and this song really hit home when this all happened to me.

Finally, but not least this song is mine and my husband favorite song because it reminds us of how much we love each other.In addition, we played this song last year when we got married after all the heartache that we both have been though we finally found each other.Although,we have known each other for about ten years we never got together because of some reason or another.When I first met him I was going out with his best friend but after knowing him for a short time me and his best friend broke up then I moved away for about eight years.After, I decided to move back down here we finally found each other on Facebook and started talking to each other. Short time later we ended up getting together and have been together ever since.

Finally, since I told you which songs had the most impact on my life; which, songs have impacted your life the most. Is their a song that really affected your life and why did it? I would love to hear which songs had an impact on your life and why?


SendEarnings is another one of my favorite survey companies. This one is a lot like Inbox Dollars;so, if you have ever done Inbox Dollars then you know what I am talking about.But for those of you that have never used Inbox Dollars I am going to explain how you can make money with SendEarnings.Some of the ways that I make money on this site and will be discussing are by doing surveys,watching videos,coupons,searching the internet and doing offers.There are other ways to earn on this site but these are just to name a few that I do.If you would like to join me on SendEarnings you can here.

Surveys on this site are pretty easy and simple to do;plus, some of them are fun to do.The surveys on this site pay out different amounts of money some only pay out a little but some do pay out very well considering the time that it took to do the survey.Most of the surveys on this site at least pay out fifty cents are more it really just depends on how hard they are and how much time it takes to do the survey

After, I do all of the surveys that are available to do I always go and see if this site has any videos to watch. Although;in my opinion the videos really do not pay out enough; on the other hand, they do not take much time to do either.I can normally watch all of the videos that they have to offer within a 10-15 minutes which is not bad.So basically it is a win win situation.

Another, way that you can earn money on this site is by clipping coupons although I have not done this I am hoping to do this in the near future. This company pays you 10 cents for ever coupon that you use.So not only will you get your product cheaper because of using a coupon you will also be able to redeem money for using the coupon; which, in my opinion is also another win win situation.FYI they also do have pretty nice coupons on this site so it actually is worth doing.

One thing that I do make time on this site for is to search the internet with there internet browser; although, you can download this to your computer I do not do this instead I go the the survey site and use the search browser there.By doing this you earn a few cents but if you was to do this a few times each day this would really add up in no time.You can also do offers that this site has on it; which, are pretty easy to do and this site normally always has plenty of offers to do on here.

Finally, to the the things that I have mentioned above there are a few other ways that you can earn more money on this site.For instance, once you have cashed out for the first time; which, you will be able to cash out once you reach thirty dollars for the first time.Some of these other benefits that you will be able to enjoy once you reach your first pay out are weekly payments,more referral rewards,double sweepstakes entries,exclusive monthly offer,double search loyalty reward.

In conclusion, I really hope you check out SendEarnings survey site because you truly can make some extra money on this site with very little work involved.Here is my link if you would like to join up under me it would be very appreciated.

Free or Cheap Listia Products

Free or cheap Listia products can be easy achieved by doing these simple and easy steps.On Listia I earn points,money,and products by doing these simple easy steps;in addition, you could also earn by doing these simple steps.
Ways to earn on Listia?
This was a question that I asked myself a few years ago when I first found out about this website one night before bed.In fact,this is one of my favorite websites to use because you are able to find good deals on this site;such as, electronic,clothes, household items,baby items;and, much,much more.In fact, I have received a few items such as baby outlet covers, silk ribbons and small decorative items to use to decorate wreaths,baby lullaby projector for my daughters baby.In addition, I have sold bottle caps on here for points that I can use to buy more crafting material.And if you like doing crafts like I do you will love being able to pick up objects that you can make crafts with for little or no money.

Ways To Earn Points On Listia
The way that you earn points on this site by doing surveys or tasks, watching videos,doing special offers, completing offers, etc.In addition, you can also earn points by selling items on this site.In fact, it is very easy to sale items on this site and the way that you do that is buy listing an item that you want to sell.In order to list an item all you have to do is click on list item from the bar on top of the webpage;which,will take you to the page where you can add the information of the product that you are selling.

Ways Earn Money On Listia
In addition, to redeeming products on Listia you can also earn money on Listia by selling credits on this site.In order to sell credits on Listia these credits have to be those that you have earned on Listia by selling products on this site.(They can not be points that you have earned by doing surveys, goals, offers, or credit purchases).
To sell credits on this site they do have a few requirements that you have to follow; which, are that you have to first sign up for the waiting list to sell points on this site.In order to become eligible to sign up to the waiting list to sell points you have to have met these two requirements first you need the seller badge and second you need to have at least 500,000 credits earned from sold listings in the last month.Even though I have not done this yet I am hoping in the near future to accomplish this task on Listia.

Ways to Earn Great Products On Listia
Once you have acquired enough points you are then able to bid on products that you would like to win on Listia.The way that you do this is by finding an item that you really like and want then place the highest bid. In order to keep the highest bid you might have to bid more on the product if someone bids higher then the bid that you placed on it.

In conclusion, I hope that you would like to join me on Listia and if so here is my referral link that you can use to join Listia.And happy shopping on Listia I hope you are able to find everything that you need and want on this site.

Saving Money Traveling

Saving money traveling was my whole ideal when I leaned that I had to go to court over my son, so this is how we traveled across Texas for around 150.00;which, includes even eating out once.Do to being on a disability check I have had to try save as much as possible on this trip, so that I would not get to far behind on my bills,since most of the time my small check only covers enough for me to pay my bills and maybe get a few small items that I want or need.

So,the one thing that saved us a lot of money on gas is that we took my husbands small S10 truck that is a lot cheaper then going in my Dodge van by using his truck we only spent 80 dollars in gas to get to Houston,TX from Oklahoma which helped us to be able save a lot of money.

In addition, my children father has a shed behind his house that he has turned into a spare bedroom, so we where able to stay there for free; which, in return saved us money because we did not having to get a motel room for the night.Plus, I got to spend more time with my children because I was able to be there when they got up until they went to bed.

Another,way that we saved money on this trip is that we did not go out to eat instead we ate what was available there;or, we bought food and cooked it there.The one time that we did go out to eat we was able to find a place that sold large pizzas for five dollars and we bought a two litter coke to share between us;instead, of spending money to go to a restaurant and eating out;which, would have cost us a lot more.The food that we had on are trip was just snack foods that we bought from a grocery store. Normally, items are cheaper if you buy from a grocery/dollar store then buying from a convenient store.Plus, it is normally always cheaper if you buy 2 litter drinks and ice compared to buying each person a few individual drinks while traveling.

One thing that we could and would have done if I had been driven was to drive under 65 miles an hr because it is a known fact that if you drive 65 miles an hour compared to driving 70 or 75 miles an hour you will save money on gas.So we was able to save on the three most expensive things while traveling which is gas, food and place to stay.If, we had not been able to save on these three things we would have spent a lot more money then just a few hundred dollars.

In conclusion, we still have to make this trip again next month since court was postponed so I am hoping to make some extra money this month and hopefully come up with some more ways to save money while traveling to court in Houston.If, you have any ideals on how to save money while traveling I would love to hear about them and I hoped that you liked reading about “Saving Money While Traveling”.

P.S If anyone would like to donate for my next trip to Houston,TX next month due to the attorney giving us the wrong address in order to go to court please feel free to do so the money would be very appreciated.